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  Songs and stories are the best tools to communicate with children, in a simple, clear and funny way.
Children love rhymes and retain information better when accompanied by music.
This is why  tales and lullabies are so important during the childhood, and can be used to transmit knowledge.
  In Cántame un cuento (Sing me a story) we offer stories, tales and original songs that introduce children into a magical world full
of fantasy and imagination, with lyrics that transmit educational messages and values.

Cada tema abords a una situación cotidiana de la vida de los niños y fomenta, entre otros: el desarrollo emocional, la 
tolerancia, la diversidad, la integración, la amistad, el respeto y la familia, incentivando además hábitos de higiene,
alimentación, convivencia y comportamiento.

Each song addresses a different everyday life situation and promotes, among others: the emotions, the
tolerance, diversity, integration, friendship, respect and family, as well as habits.

  The melodies are varied, with a wide range of sounds and rhythms.

We hope parents will find this method useful and enjoyable

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